Distance Tuition and Scholarships at the Islands and Small States Institute of the University of Malta

The Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI) of the University of Malta is offering a Master by research in Islands and Small States studies (full-time or part-time), commencing in October 2019.

Full information about the course

The course is intended to be inter-disciplinary and relates to economic, social, environmental and political issues associated with islands and small states. Students will normally be expected to spend the first two weeks of October in Malta for face-to-face tuition. The remainder of the course will be conducted on line by distance tuition. Students may also opt for part-time study, in which case more time will be allowed for the writing of the dissertation.

The ISSI is a centre of excellence in teaching and research associated with islands and small states, hosting world renowned scholars and lecturers, and ensuring the highest academic and professional standards. Watch our promotional video, and discover the numerous opportunities that studying with us can offer to your career advancement, personal development and networking

The University of Malta offers scholarship for the waiving of the fees, access this link for further information

Further information about living in Malta

The deadline for the application is the 30th June 2019. If you require further information, including enquiries about our PhD programme, please contact us at: islands@um.edu.mt