Technical Assistance

The Commonwealth Small States Centre of Excellence will provide Technical Assistance to strengthen national implementation capabilities in the areas identified as priority areas for these countries. This assistance will be tailored to ‘best fit’ members’ needs and circumstances and will be delivered in the form of toolkits and advisory support.


The Commonwealth is in the process of developing a catalogue of toolkits which will catalyse practical manifestation of the knowledge, experience and insights in solving public policy challenges. These set of operational tools and practical techniques will be instrumental in the identification and implementation of unique solutions to a common public policy challenges faced by many countries. These will be embedded into the Centre’s core activities as and when they become available within the next twelve months to support implementation of various work programmes. Below is a list of Toolkits that are at various stages of development in the Secretariat.






Governance 1.1 Performance Management and Accountability ToolKit (PMAT)
1.2 Corruption Mitigation and Accountability Toolkit (CMAT)
1.3 Government Innovation Ecosystem Management and Accountability Toolkit (GIEMAT)
1.4 Grievance Management and Accountability Toolkit (GMAT)1.5 Citizen and Client Charter (CCC) Management and Accountability Toolkit (C3-MAT)
Ongoing All targeted primary users – Public Officials in small states and other key stakeholders. To Liaise with Public Sector Governance Unit. Being developed internally
Economic Policy

2.1 SDG Implementation Toolkit (SIT)

2.2 Debt Risk Management and Accountability Toolkit (DMT)

2.3 Toolkit for facilitation Diaspora Investment

Ongoing Senior officials responsible for statistics, SDGs, public debt, diaspora affairs, etc. To be rolled out in May 2018 in Joburg and June 2018 in Malta (by the SCOE)
Climate Change

3.1. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Financing Toolkit

3.2. Climate Change Surveillance and Monitoring Toolkit

3.3. Disaster Management and Accountability Toolkit (DMAT)

Ongoing Senior officials from Climate Change and Environment Ministries, including disaster coordination points. Currently being developed
Social development

4.1. Education Management and Accountability Toolkit

4.2. Mitigating Violence Against Women Toolkit

4.3. Sports Management and Accountability Toolkit

4.4. Health Management and Accountability Toolkit

4.5. Toolkit for Managing Skill Development

Ongoing Senior officials from Social Development Ministries  Under development

Support to Small States Missions

Through the Centre, we further plan to develop a work programme for tracking key global events, processes and negotiations taking place in Geneva and New York Mission to prepare our smaller members through these undertakings. This programme will entail tracking all meetings/events; selecting the most pertinent ones from the list; conduct background analytical work and research to identify the challenge and provide appropriate and practical recommendations; prepare briefing material for small states missions; conduct briefing sessions with these missions prior to these meetings/events; and accompany small states missions, if applicable, in these meetings/events to provide back-up support.